Superuser Android App Lets You Manage Superuser Permissions Given to Apps

Hello Android Rooters! Today’s app is totally dedicated to you, only yous. Ever thought of managing the so-many superusers permissions you have given to various apps, who aim to become a super app? Well, even if you hadn’t given a little thought, now it’s easy to manage all SU permissions with the Superuser android app.


  • Well, it’s sole aim is to manage SU permissions. No more, No less. Give superuser privileges to apps or or remove from the one who’ve already been granted superuser permissions
  • It does require you to be rooted, or atleast have a custom binary image to kick start
  • The app got different version from the binary and is updated more often
  • For problems or if install fails, visit (It will take you to XDA Developer’s page with detailed instructions. you will also get what other users opine of this must-have kinda app for rooted android phones, be it HTC, Motorola or Samsung, etc)

BTW, we are not responsible for anything you do with this app (since it’s related to Root, we do have to issue a warning!). Moreover, Root users normally get Superuser Permissions thanks to the file used in the root process. But for what it’s worth, we thought the app deserves a mention for some root users who have unlocked their phone without going through the process (like the one click root app!).

Download the Superuser for FREE.

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Official Page


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