[Update: J4 too] Stable Android Pie update for Galaxy A9 and Galaxy A7 to release on March 15

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Pie release date

Update: Apparently, Samsung Turkey also says the Galaxy J4 will receive an update to Android Pie this month, but two weeks after the scheduled release date for the A7 and A9, that is, on March 29th.

Galaxy J4 Pie update

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We already know that Samsung has plans to release Android 9 Pie for the Galaxy A7 2018 and Galaxy A9 2018 this month. However, as usual with software update timelines, there was no specific date provided by the Korean company, until now.

Thanks to Samsung Turkey, we have an idea of when to expect Android Pie to arrive on the two phones. Apparently, both devices will be upgraded to Pie on March 15, but once again, keeping promises with software update timelines isn’t the easiest of tasks.

That said, we won’t be surprised if the rollout began a little later or even earlier than the stated date. It’s worth noting that this date is specific to the Turkish market, but it’s possible that other European markets will follow the same timeline.

Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Pie release date

Samsung is expected to top the Pie OS with its own One UI skin, but we don’t expect to see all the features that appeared on the flagship phones coming to these midrangers, although most should.

The Galaxy A7 2018 became the company’s first to rock a tri-lens camera and moments later, the A9 2018 was unveiled with up to four camera lenses on the back. As of this writing, both packages have since made it to the flagship Galaxy S10 and S10+ (tri-lens) as well as the Galaxy S10 5G, which has a quad-lens array.

The S10 family begins selling next Friday in major markets across the globe, although some regions will have to wait at least another week or so before they can get their hands on one of these beauties.


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