Sprint’s LG G7 ThinQ is receiving a new March update with fixes for Band 41 and T-Mobile roaming issues

LG G7 ThinQ March Sprint update

Users of the LG G7 ThinQ are eagerly waiting for the day the Korean company begins rolling out the update to Android 9 Pie in the U.S. But until then, there’s another small update to contend with, at least for those using the device on Sprint.

The carrier is rolling out a software update with version G710PM15b and as per the release notes, the rollout started last week, meaning a good number of devices have received the download notification.

After installing the new update, your LG G7 ThinQ will be updated to a newer Android security patch for March 2019. This is two months behind the latest May patches, but it’s what you get to deal with when you buy an LG phone from a carrier.

Besides the new patches, Sprint has also included fixes for issues with Band 41 Upload Carrier Aggregation (ULCA) High Block Error Ratio and T-Mobile roaming. Of course, the usual bug fixes and stability improvements are also on board.

As noted, it’s been a week since the release notes went live, so if you haven’t seen the OTA notification, it should arrive any time this week.

Elsewhere, Verizon is ready to update the Galaxy S10 5G with new software that installs May 2019 security patch. The phone is now available for purchase on the Big Red, the only U.S. telco carrying the device for now.

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