Sprint will replace faulty Galaxy S10 handsets with LTE data and roaming issues

Samsung Galaxy S10 update

The Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ have some of the sleekest designs you can find in a smartphone yet. As always with Samsung flagship phones, the trio also has exceptional display screens that are backed by impressive hardware performance and top-of-the-line cameras, but still, they are far from perfect.

After Sprint users of the Galaxy S10 trio started raising concerns about the quality of LTE signal they get, the carrier issued an update that, apparently, wasn’t meant to fix the issue, but prevent unaffected users from getting infected.

A second update was released a few days ago and once again, Sprint says this update was meant to further protect unaffected Galaxy S10 units from this LTE issue.

Apparently, the carrier says none of the two software updates can do anything to fix affected units, which is why the telco is offering to replace faulty units of the S10e, S10, and S10+.

But according to Sprint, there are several conditions to be met before one merits a replacement, as listed below:

  • Pre 14 days – the Store Sales team will exchange to new as store representatives do not have refurbs\recs to use and it’s part of the Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee (SSG)
  • Post 14-day – Asurion technicians will provide replacements.  If no refurbs\recons are available, then the selection will default to new.
  • Customers with Sprint Complete (SC) will not be charged a FEE for this exchange as long as there is no evidence of liquid or physical damage to the handset.
  • Customers without SC will be assessed a $75 fee or can work with Samsung for a manufacture warranty solution.

If your device is affected, maybe it’s time you got that replacement unit from Sprint.


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