[Update: S10 and S10e too] Sprint rolling out March update to Galaxy S10+ possibly with a fix for LTE issues

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Sprint LTE fixes

Update [April 02, 2019]: The same build ASC8 is also available for the Galaxy S10 and S10e and it carries the same changelog for both devices, meaning you get the March 2019 security patch alongside plenty of bug fixes and system-wide optimizations. Original article continues below…

Sprint this week promised to release a software update to address signal strength and LTE connectivity issues for Samsung Galaxy S10+ users in the U.S. While the carrier is already pushing a new update to the device, the changelog doesn’t mention anything specific about fixing these issues.

The update started rolling out yesterday and is arriving as version G975USQU1ASC8. As per the changelog, a new March 2019 security patch has been included in the OTA alongside bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance optimizations.

However, going by the weight of the update, which clocks in at 536MB, there is more to it than just the typical security patch, bug fixes, and system optimizations. If anything, it’s possible that Sprint has also addressed the wireless network connectivity issues that S10+ users have been experiencing.

Sprint Galaxy S10+ update

Although the connectivity issues were mostly reported by Galaxy S10+ users, some S10 and S10e users are also victims not just on Sprint, but also on other carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T. So far, its only Sprint that has a ready update, but we still don’t know when other carriers will release their bug-fixing updates.

Samsung is also expected to address these issues with an update of their own, especially since some unlocked units in the S10 series are also affected.

Do let us know if this Sprint update fixes LTE issues on your S10+.


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  1. I have a galaxy s10+ with sprint that i have had for about a week and it was working fine until recently, the last two days the phone’s connectivity to the network has been weak to none at all, whether im at work, or on the road, or at my house, or a friends; if the LTE signal indicator next to the signal bars doesnt disappear, the phone shows 4-5 bars with LTE at times, which still does not change the majorly slow to no connection to the phone, march 28th 7am, ran profile update, along with PRL update, and system update G975USQU1A…etc. the one that had 536MB, and there is no change to the faulty LTE connection,, paying for unlimited data/service and expensive phone that still does not work, hoping to see a resolution, because right now im having to use my wifi, if not I would not have no service at all because although sometimes LTE with bars show sometimes, when running applications i constantly get hit with a super long loading screen with everything or a “Make sure your connected to the internet!” notification..

  2. This update did not fix the LTE issue. Sprint needs to figure this out.

  3. I have Sprint in Northern California and got the update last night (March 27th) for my S10+ and I’d say the data is worse but voice and sms seem slightly better. Honestly thinking of returning the phone as my S8+ was better other than the video quality 😉

  4. My S10 on Sprint in Eugene, Oregon hasn’t had any problems. This city does have good Sprint coverage and I’ve got a Magic Box at home.

  5. I did the update on March 27, my phone is still dropping calls, no network and roaming in most places including my home. It sometimes goes to emergency calls only. In other places I have great service. I’m still having trouble downloading and sending MMS. Its frustrating because no one has a solution to help.

  6. I didn’t have any issues on my S10+ until after the update was pushed to me. Now I have severe connectivity issues.

  7. Still sucks after update. MMS doesn’t work, even over wifi. Dropped calls left and right and no service anywhere. Never had these problems with my S9. I’m paying for an expensive phone I can’t even use. Only useful thing is taking pictures.

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