Sprint releases new updates for Essential Phone and LG G3

essential phone sprint update

Sprint is currently seeding new software updates for the Essential Phone PH-1, and the LG G3. Both these devices are receiving over-the-air updates with bug fixes and security enhancements.

If you own an Essential Phone or the LG G3 on Sprint’s network, then you should be seeing this update on your device. For the Essential Phone, the software version is NMJ32F and it includes a couple of fixes. Firstly, there’s a fix of International LTE roaming, then there’s the patch for the KRACK WiFi vulnerability.

Download Essential Phone Oreo beta update

Apart from that, the Essential Phone update features several bug fixes. It also most likely installs the latest Android security patch. Essential recently pushed out the December security patch for the unlocked variant of the phone.

If you own the LG G3, then the software version for the update is LS990ZVI, and it also patches the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability. Along with that, the update will install the November Android security patch on the device.

LG Oreo update release date

We recommend you install these updates on their respective devices as soon as you get the notification. Make sure the device has more than 50 percent charge and is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

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  1. I have Nougat on my SP320, but am using my LG K3 (LS450) for bluetooth only and NOT updating to Nougat. the phone is not big enough (storage) to hold Nougat, or much of anything at all. But marshmallow is better with Bluetooth.

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