The ‘Speed Anatomy’ Android Game Tests Your Mind vs Other Body Parts!

Speed Anatomy

Okay! It’s your mind versus other parts of your body. Test your mind’s speed and coordination with eyes and fingers in the ‘Speed Anatomy’ puzzle game for your droid. Well, it’s more of a speed than of a puzzle, but it’s not a racing game, kids!

You just need to point towards the right organ of your body in the fastest manner to make a huge score. But be sure to know what body organs are called — having a grip on the nomenclature will surely help, though we really don’t expect an average Joy to have a fine understanding of the human anatomy.

So, just jump on to next addictive game we’ve got for you after the Shoot U! Lite and the U Connect Lite games.

Download the Speed Anatomy for FREE.

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  1. I really like Speed Anatomy.
    I found the game here: first.
    The different levels and the effect of learning all the new words is great.
    What could be better is that some of the words are not translated to the English. They are only displayed in latin.

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