Sony Xperia Z Live Wallpaper is one cool LWP for your Android phone

Live wallpapers on Android are something of a double-edged sword – they suck up battery quite a bit and also slow down general performance of the device on the homescreen, but people nevertheless love to use one to liven up their homescreen. Every once in a while a beautiful live wallpaper comes along, and the default live wallpaper on Sony’s Xperia Z is one such new live wallpaper that has grabbed our attention.

This live wallpaper puts the standard wavy flags of colour found on all Xperia handsets’ wallpapers on the background, with a few particles floating around on top of the screen. These particles can be made to disperse whenever you touch the screen, and the subtle way in which they move around makes the wallpaper look quite appealing.


There are a few customization options available as well – you can change the colour of the background, change the size of the particles, or enable and disable the touch effect for said particles. The live wallpaper is of pretty high quality as it is and the customization only adds to it. Support for devices like the Galaxy S3, Nexus 7, HTC Desire S and Sony Xperia S is mentioned, but it should typically work on any device out there.

Go grab the Xperia Z live wallpaper from the Play Store.