Sony Xperia Z, ZR, and ZL Marshmallow Update may not release, but CM13 will

The Sony Xperia Z, ZR and ZL may seem like the devices that should be getting the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update. But the truth is, these are Android devices from early 2013, and are well over their age for getting the latest Android updates officially.

Although Sony released the 5.1.1 update for some of the devices mentioned here, but that was the last update to come from Sony officially. For further Android updates, like for Marshmallow, custom ROMs like CM13 will be your only hope.

Sony Xperia Z Marshmallow update won’t be coming officially because it has been well over 2.5 years of its release, NOT because it can’t handle the Android Marshmallow release. In our opinion, the device can take the Android 6.0 update just fine, and that’s what CM13 will deliver for it.

The same goes for Xperia ZR and ZL, both of these devices have deserving hardware for the Marshmallow update, but because of their age, Sony will probably drop the official support for software updates with newer versions of Android.

Since Xperia Z has been the flagship device for the first-half of 2013 from Sony, it has good community support over at xda and other Android development forums. And Xperia ZR / ZL also had the near flagship level status for themselves back in 2013. So availability of CM13 ROM for these devices won’t be a issue.

Once Android Marshmallow source code is out, CM13 development will begin and you can expect at-least an unofficial build of CM13 for Xperia Z, ZR and ZL by the end of 2015.

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  1. Hello sir Xperia ZL for cm13

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  2. Hello sir Xperia ZL for cm13

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