Snapseed Android App coming soon? Looks like Vic Gundotra already has it!

Google recently bought Nik Software, makers of the photo-editing app Snapseed for the iOS. This raised hopes for Android users that they would get to see the app on Android as well, though Google didn’t announce anything about how Nik Software and Snapseed would be used in the grand scheme of things.

However, Google’s Senior Engineering VP Vic Gundotra posed a photo on Google+ yesterday taken on Snapseed that points to the existence of the Snapseed app for Android. The iOS version of Snapseed doesn’t support Google+, so there’s a high probability of Snapseed for Android being in the works already.

Snapseed for Android is coming soon, hopefully, and we’ll stay on the lookout for more info on it. Any clarifications Google? Please?