Snapchat update improves quality of snaps taken via Spectacles

Snapchat, one of the most popular apps on the planet, gets a new update which should be a delight for Snapchat Spectacles’ users.

The minor update, that bumps your app to version, improves the snaps taken via Snapchat Spectacles. Those snaps now appear in higher quality when shared to friends or added to a user’s story.

Snapchat Spectacles, launched by the company in October 2016, is a pair of connected sunglasses which can be used to capture your adventures while on the go. The sunglasses feature a camera with a 115-degree lens which can record video snippets that automatically save to your Snapchat Memories.

To be eligible to get the new update, you need to have a phone running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS or higher, which means it can be accessed by 96% of Android users.

The update is out now, you can grab it over at Play Store.

The last update released to Snapchat was in January which was a massive one. It brought the app to version 10. The update brought about a total redesign of the App with bigger Bitmoji integration, a search bar everywhere in the app and a new Global Story with snaps from across the globe.

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