Sharp to Launch its galapagos 003SH and 005SH 3d handsets in Japan. Planning for US, India and China too.

sharp 3d phones

The android resurgence is already making apple and other mobile OS makers bite the dust and is becoming more of a reason for ‘otherwise not-so-interested companies’ to enter the smartphone market, and that too confidently given the android’s open source nature.

The latest in line to make a impression in the mobile market is Sharp, a Japanese handset maker that plans to launch its 3d android handsets, galapagos 003sh and 005sh in Japan next month, and has its eyes set on the big market of US and emerging markets of India and China, where it plans to invade with its 3d phones few months later than Japan’s release. But which devices of Sharp will make it outside of the land of rising sun are not quite told at the moment.

Both of the sharp’s 003SH and 005SH 3d android 2.2 Froyo phones are powered by a Qualcomm 1Ghz snapdragon processor and feature a 3.8 inch screen quite capable of glasses-free 3d rendering. What’s uncommon between the two is 9.6 megapixel camera on 003SH as against 12 megapixel on 005SH, while the latter also features a QWERTY slider keyboard which the former doesn’t. Both phones are 720p recording capable. Sharp is also looking to bring in greater 3d stuff, as their deal with CAPCOM suggests titles like Resident Evil, Mega man and Ghosts ‘n Goblins might get 3d-ed for these phones. Also, while 003SH is slated for December launch, expect the 005SH only in February, by which time you would have already witnessed the launches of 2nd generation of super phones featuring Samsung Nexus 2/Nexus S and Galaxy 2, Sony Zeus, etc

Well, if you thought Sharp is making good judgments, bringing the 3d auto-stereoscopic tech phones to 3 popular countries outside of Japan, be known that it’s not the only android-enticed entity staying so sharp, Panasonic too has joined the race and plans to go big on android in 2012. Hope the Panasonic’s plans aren’t ruined, even by the slightest of 2012 world-end threats and the like!

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