Send free SMS using Gmail now in India too

India is a country where people send a lot of messages on their mobile phones to stay in touch with others, even though the country has some amazingly cheap call rates, and now people will be able to send messages to others for free through their Gmail accounts, as Google now allows sending free SMS through their email service in India as well.

You get a credit of 50 free messages, which gets replenished whenever you get a reply, though those replying will be charged at the standard operator rates. Once you run out of SMS credits, you get automatically get one free credit 24 hours later, which means you’ll never run out of credits. You can also purchase credits by sending messages and replying to them from your own phone, and each reply will get you 5 free credits, effectively letting you purchase credits by paying money to your mobile operator.

The best thing is that in India, every single mobile operator is supported, which is quite good considering the number of carriers operating in the country. So go ahead, login to your Gmail account and start sending some free messages. Remember, there’s a limit on the number of free SMS, so don’t get too excited!