Screen Protector Gives Away Galaxy S3 Shape and Display Size, Compared with Galaxy S2

I bring glad tidings earthlings! The shape and display size of the Next Galaxy aka the Samsung Galaxy S3 may have been confirmed for sure this time, thanks to the guys over at Unwire HK, who got hold of a screen protector supposedly designed for the Galaxy S3. No one makes screen protectors without knowing the design of the device they are making it for, so it gives us a good idea of the size of the device at the very least.

Unwire HK also compared the screen protector against the Galaxy S2, which show that the Galaxy S3 might just be only a tad wider than the S2. It also confirms rumors of the 4.8 inch display on the S3, or 4.65/4.7″ which is a difference that will only be confirmed with the official unveiling of the phone. The protector also has a cutout for the home button, which is certainly not good news for those who were expecting the phone to have virtual on-screen buttons as on the Nexus (which could still be there along with the home button). However, one thing is for sure. The Galaxy S3 will certainly not be too big a device despite its big screen, which is welcoming news.

So, are you prepared to believe that the Galaxy S3’s looks (and screen size) are almost confirmed now, or are you still expecting to see a different design at the official announcement? Sound off in the comments.