Galaxy S3 Sports 4.8″ Display, Latest Leak Suggests!

Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor show of the day. Just 3 days are left before the official unveiling of the Galaxy S3 by Samsung at their Unpacked 2012 event in London, so rumor frequency should reach fever pitch in the coming days (not that it’s not already at fever pitch).

Know Your Mobile has received a leaked photo of a Galaxy S3 set beside a ruler which shows the size of the screen to be just above 100 mm, which means 4.8″ diagonally after doing the proper calculations. This is in contrast to previous rumors and leaked photos that suggested that the screen will be 4.65″/4.7″ in size. A physical home button is also visible (if you look very closely) which has been showing up in all the leaked Galaxy S3 prototype images. But again, this can change with the final design.

So, 3 more days, then we’ll find out all about what the Galaxy S3 actually looks like and how big the screen is. Until then, stay tuned!