Samsung to launch Galaxy Home in April 2019

Samsung fans have been waiting for months to know about the availability of the Galaxy Home smart speaker and this info is finally out thanks to CEO DJ Koh.

The Galaxy Home, which is powered by Bixby, was first teased at the Galaxy Note 9 launch event and at the time, Samsung promised to provide more info at the SDC 2018 held in November. However, we barely heard anything about it at the event and neither did Samsung say a thing about it during the CES 2019.

We expected to hear from the company while on stage launching the Galaxy S10, but once again, nothing came out. But in a separate interview with CNET, Koh responded to a question about the Home’s launch, confirming that the smart speaker will be out in April 2019.

Expectedly, the Samsung boss didn’t provide a specific release date, but with only a little over a month between now and April, it shouldn’t be long before someone spills the beans.

We’ll be waiting to feast on them!


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