Samsung Galaxy Home: All you need to know

Smart speakers are all the rage right now and obviously, Samsung wants a piece of the pie too. Case in point, the Korean tech giant is gearing up to unleash its own product in the category called the Galaxy Home, which is expected to hit the market soon.

Some details about Samsung’s upcoming device have been released by the company, and so, we’ve gathered them up in one place for your convenience.


Compared to other devices in this product category, the Galaxy Home looks a bit more futuristic. The bulk of the speaker rests on three stainless legs, while the device per-se is shaped like a witch’s cauldron.

The product is encased in a black, texturized speaker cover and three control buttons for skipping tracks and changing the volume sit on its flat top. It’s an unusual appearance to say the least, that will certainly spice up your home decor.


Samsung’s Galaxy Home comes equipped with six speakers and a subwoofer in order to offer surround sound. It’s powered by Harman’s AKG audio, and at launch, Samsung said the device will make music sound amazing.

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Users will also be able to say “Hi, Bixby” to activate the company’s own virtual assistant and ask it to perform several tasks. While Bixby still needs a lot of work, Samsung says the version living inside the Galaxy Home has been updated to be more conversational and a lot more useful.  The assistant can also be activated if the user presses the dedicated Bixby key on their phone.

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Samsung has also partnered up with Spotify for this product. The music service will be deeply integrated into the Galaxy Home, but also other Samsung devices. Spotify also revealed it will soon add Bixby control to its app, so users will be able to use Bixby to control their music.

Pricing and availability

While Samsung has announced the Galaxy Home, it’s not yet ready to tell us when exactly to expect it. The official page only lists the device as “Coming Soon”. But given that Samsung’s Developer Conference is set to start on November 7, we assume the company is going to announce more details about it.

What we can tell you is the markets where the Galaxy Home is going to be available at launch. The product is expected to go on sale in the US, China and South Korea, the company’s own home country. Pricing details are still unknown, but the Galaxy Home will probably be priced like an Apple HomePod competitor.