Samsung to disable battery charging on Galaxy Note 7 with a software update

The ghost of infamous Galaxy Note 7 fiasco refuses to leave Samsung causing the company a great deal of despair. Despite floating several exchange and refund policies and programs for the Note 7, Samsung is yet to hit the 100 percent mark in retrieval level. Clearly, this has not gone down well with the Korean giant which is in full preparation to take its next flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 to the stage, in all its splendor and glory. Thus, Samsung has resorted to another method.

The company, in a bid to eliminate the chances of any left-over Galaxy Note 7 in the market from exploding, will completely disable the battery charging of the device. This it intends to do by releasing a software update.

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In the past, Samsung had released software updates to only limit the Note 7 batteries from being charged beyond certain levels, which now will be fully disabled, the company was reported as saying. It further added that it will start releasing the software update later this month to disable the charging capability of Galaxy Note 7.

Once Note 7 battery’s charging capacity is completely disabled it will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices. In such a scenario it can be used only when it’s plugged into a power supply eliminating the link between the phone’s working and its battery, which has emerged as the cause of Note 7 explosion. It, thus, puts to rest any further Note 7 explosion incidents taking place, giving Samsung the peace of mind it so very much requires to work on its next Note device, the Galaxy Note 8.

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Notably, Samsung has been successful in retrieving only 97 percent of the Galaxy Note 7 sold out in Korea. Thus the owners of the remaining 3 percent note 7 devices will very soon be receiving the software update to be rolled out to disable the battery charging capability on the device.

via Korean Herald

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