Galaxy Note 7 exchange and refund program is still active in Korea

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco has cost Samsung a great deal, in terms of finance as well as brand image. The top Korean manufacturer has done all it can to control the damage, from ensuring every single bit assembled in its upcoming Galaxy S8 is safe and top of the end to trying to build the trust base which it had lost. For the latter, Samsung had announced several refund and exchange programs around the world for Galaxy Note 7 which is still continuing in Korea.

According to a news coming from the parent country, Samsung Electronics continues to exchange and refund Galaxy Note 7 in Korea.

A Korean website reported citing an official from Samsung Electronics: ‘The Galaxy Note 7 exchange and refund period ended in February, but we are accepting customers who come back for exchange and refund later this month.’

The official added: ‘The recovery rate of the domestic Galaxy Note 7 is now almost 99%, which means it is almost completely recovered. There is no plan to lower the maximum charge rate from 15% or to shut down the network.’

Samsung Electronics is exchanging and refunding Galaxy Note 7 at Samsung Digital Plaza service center in Korea. In addition to this, more than 160 service centers across the country are accepting the refund.

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Prior to this, Samsung Electronics carried the the Galaxy Note 7 exchange program up to the end of December 2016. Customers could exchange their Galaxy Note 7 with the Galaxy S7 alongwith benefits of up to 100,000 Won including communication costs and coupons.

Meanwhile, reports have been pouring in suggesting the return of Galaxy Note 7 in some regions. The Note 7 explosion was caused due to inconsistent size of its battery for which Samsung incurred huge losses. To rebuild the financial mishap, the company plans on selling refurbished Note 7 units starting June this year.

via Yonhapnews

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