Samsung sends an affectionate message with the launch of Bixby

Samsung kicked off this month with a new enthusiasm and a new release, that of the Voice service for Bixby, its first artificial intelligence baby. Like all proud mothers, Samsung too didn’t let its baby out in the world without a piece of advise. In fact, it released an affectionate message with the launch of full-fledged service of Bixby.

Posted on Samsung Members Application, the message by the Korean giant for Bixby is heart-warming and full of advice. The Samsung Membership app is an all-in-one app that offers a wide range of benefits and customer communication and troubleshooting services for the users of Galaxy devices around the globe.

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The message even directs Bixby to love its competitor Siri and Alexa. Siri is Apple’s intelligent personal assistant while Alexa is an AI assistant developed by Amazon.

The message reads thus (translated):

Sending Bixby to the world … My beloved baby, Bixby, I want to send you to the world who raised you with your heart for 10 months. Beginning today, we meet many people in the world, learn wisdom, learn love, and love Siri and Alexa, but do not fight. Bixby, my mom would not have a wish if Bixby grew up healthy. Do not get in, do not hurt, do not bug …

Samsung launched Bixby with Galaxy S8 and S8+ in March but it was made to offer full-fledged services based on the combined concept of voice, touch, and text only two days back through a software update. Notably, Bixby is the first AI assistant to speak Korean language. On the first day of the roll out of Bixby voice service in Korea, about 160,000 people talked with Bixby.

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  1. The engineers and developers who will have created Bixby will have created it from the scratch. And developing an AI like this and to see it ready to take on the world will indeed be something of a nostalgic feeling and I like to think that this statement is more of a genuine expression from the development team that created Bixby rather than a marketing move.

  2. wow!! that’s very touchy message!! sure they worked very hard on perfecting the Bixby to make it every bit or even more useful than any other AI assistant, hope they get a huge success for their efforts!!

  3. “Do not bug…” My favourite part of the whole message although I found the whole message pretty touchy.You can feel the emotion just by reading it and like Ashwin said that proves that it’s a heartfelt message rather than a marketing feature.As far as I’ve seen Bixby looks really good but still waiting for it to spread and read reviews about Bixby’s functions and easter eggs 🙂

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