Samsung to rollout Bixby Voice services starting today

Samsung’s artificial intelligence Bixby which debuted with 2017 flagship smartphones Galaxy S8 and S8+ has attracted all kinds of attention. Although based on the combined concept of voice, touch, and text, at the time of its launch Samsung announced that the the full-fledged service of Bixby with all these three features will be rolled out later. And the time has finally come as the Korean company will be launching the Voice service for Bixby today.

Through Bixby, Samsung has provided services such as ‘Bixby Vision’ and ‘Bixby Home’ in Samsung Galaxy S8 series. However, these services were delayed because the Bixby voice was not fully prepared for launch. But with the roll out of Bixby Voice service starting today, all these features too will get activated adding to the enhanced UX of Galaxy S8 and S8+ users.

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Yonhapnews quoted Samsung as saying earlier: “Bixby Voice is going through an iterative process to build up a user’s voice, instructions, and other knowledge through a learning engine called Deep Learning.”

The Galaxy S8 series is currently under constant scrutiny due to various quality issues such as red screen, Wi-Fi connection failure, reboot. Voice is a key function of Bixby and if it does not work smoothly after its launch it can cause a major image damage for Samsung.

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  1. I knew the voice activation was coming but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. This was very quick. Really curious to see how it performs now after phones get the OTA now that Bixby is completely functional to its fullest potential. How it compares with the likes of Siri and Google assistant.

  2. Finally! This explains why Samsung had locked the ability to remap the key.I was really waiting for it to come out and here it is 🙂 Really excited to see(read XD) how it works with the already existing features of Bixby 😀 One less thing for people to talk negative about the S8.Waiting for the complete version to release as most people speculated that the voice is not the only thing to come:) .

  3. so it’s out then, Bixby Voice like the google voice assistant, I don’t think many people will be using it instead of the google voice coz Bixby is still in developer mode and must be coming with some software issues as well, so it will need samsung some time to get them all fixed and have a problem free voice assistance, same goes for the consumer, they r not very familiar with the Bixby so it will take some time for getting use to it!!

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