Samsung rolls out an update to fix fingerprint security bug

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Galaxy Note 10 and S10 users all over the globe have reported a major biometric security issue over the last week, claiming that their device could be easily unlocked through unregistered fingerprints.

The fingerprint issue has only affected users that use a specific type of silicone cover on top of their Galaxy S10/Note 10 device. When first registered, the devices record the textured surface on the inside of the covers as a fingerprint, which enables the devices to be unlocked by anyone when appropriate pressure is applied on the sensor.

Due to the severity of the matter, Samsung issued a statement that acknowledged the issue and has now started rolling out a patch that should take care of the problem for good. As per Sammobile, the update has gone live in South Korea but will be rolled out to other eligible devices in the coming hours.

The update, which is only rolling out to devices that have fingerprints registered, is popping up as a notification called Biometrics Update and would reside on your notification shade until you install the patch.

Upon installing the update, you’d need to delete all registered fingerprints, remove the cover, re-register your prints, and apply the cover back again. Samsung has posted a detailed description of the update on the Samsung Members app.

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