Samsung Intercept gets Android 2.2 Froyo

Samsung Intercept Gets Froyo Update

A lot has already been said on Samsung and the Froyo update for its Galaxy S devices, whose users are still very angry to not receive a fast Froyo built from the company.

But we hope that won’t be the case Samsung’s Intercept users who receiving the delicious Froyo update beginning today — with any luck to boot on your side, some of you may be already on android 2.2 by now.

Apart from bestowing the dalvik-cache generated speeds of Froyo, the update — with build version Froyo.DL05 and software version M910.05.S.DL05 — will also bring Sprint Navigation system. The update will also fix minor issues like, force closes on opening the contacts and dropped calls on unacknowledged waiting calls.

If you have an Intercept device, it’s really got a bagful of features headed to straight to you but hey, you got the whole weekend to explore the update, including awesome Froyo madness.

Well, that surely should light you up but know that the update is being rolled out in phases, which means you may have to wait before clouds call your phone up.

Let’s see who’re the lucky obese to get rolled out this weekend. Well, there is one more update that can make you feel lucky, the one which Google is rolling out in the form of android market v2.2.6 — but by the way, we have already seen v2.2.7 available for download, so those who can’t wait know what to do.

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