Samsung plans foldable phone release (Galaxy X?) in Q3 2017 with 100,000 units as target

The report out of Korea has it on record that Samsung is planning to launch the foldable phones in Q3 of 2017. If that’s the tech that gets you drooling over, here it comes. It’s been rumored pretty heavily — particularly in last few days — that Samsung would name its foldable phone as Galaxy X. We also got some hints about the Galaxy X’s real-world presence thanks to some leaks, one of which was the patents leak, while other for Weibo.

It says that around 100,000 units of the device are target for production in Q3, with more than 100,000 in plans for Q4 2017. As Samsung already had a good grip on foldable display and tech, the decision was not a ‘bog challenge’ for Samsung to come out with a foldable phone this year.

We’ve heard reports of LG foldable phones too, that could also also launch this year, while both Apple and Google look interested for 2018 launch of their own foldable devices. This very report indicates that even LG is targeting 100,000 phones this year, but in Q4, which is reasonable given the gulf between the two companies in mobile business.

Now, here’a  fun fact (in case you thought: WHY the foldable phones, just give me cheap dual-curved phone). The foldable phone display market is said to reach about 163 million by the time year 2022 comes, while in 2017, it’s expected at 2.7 million.

Via TheInvestor

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