Samsung Galaxy S9: Installing Google Camera app may improve quality of photos

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 looks a lot like the Galaxy S8, but the phone’s camera is the major highlight. At the launch event, Samsung spent a significant amount of time talking up the qualities of the new camera, something that we can hardly disagree with so far.

However, some folks on XDA Developers forum believe the S9’s camera is still a little on the low-side compared to the Google Pixel 2 camera. As usual, they’ve already come up with a way of “bumping up” the Galaxy S9 camera to GCam quality. It all depends.

Some are perfectly happy with the stock camera app on the Galaxy S9, but some feel by installing the Google Camera app on the S9, you may just be improving the quality of your photos in select areas. We are still taking the S9 for a ride and our final verdict on the camera quality will come in the final review, but if you wish to try out the latest version 5 of the GCam app, here is a camera sample taken using the S9 stock camera app (left) and GCam app (right) installed on the S9 under the same conditions. Be the judge!

For more on this, check out the discussion on the Reddit thread in the source link below.

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