Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications outed, rocks 577PPI display and 20MP camera!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications

We’ve heard a lot of Samsung Galaxy S6 chat lately, right? But this is the best leak we’ve got so far when it comes to full blown Samsung Galaxy S6 specifications. Except for the RAM involved, almost all specs of the Galaxy S6 are out. And it’s quite a device! After the launch of Xiaomi Note Pro, there was always kind-of an answer we were expecting from Samsung about how its Galaxy S6 will stand out from Note Pro, and looking at these Galaxy S6 specs, it seems Samsung’s latest Galaxy S phone would very well tackle the threat of Note Pro, best-flagship-killer no matter!

There is no mention of Galaxy S6 Edge by the way, or of Galaxy S6 Active. No, nothing about Samsung Orbis smartwatch either.

Okay, let’s talk Samsung Galaxy S6 specs.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications


First up, the display. Leaked specs of Samsung Galaxy S6 point at 5.1-inch Super AMOLED panel with cool in-trend-for-flagship Quad HD resolution that culminates in 577 PPI. Never heard of such insane PPI? Well, that’s because none existed yet — at least on a flagship, you spec-maven. The technical achievement aside, the display looks very practical to me: in the sense that it’s reportedly will have great visibility under the sun, kind of stunning, while will stay ultra dim for easy visibility during night, especially in dark environment. If your night’s sleep arrives only after some Internet surfing on the bed, holding the device upside down above your face, you will definitely find it very cool, because you might no longer need to tinker with a dimmer app like Screen Filter.

And no one would leave a display that cool without the best of protection available, hence the Gorilla Glass 4!


There is no mention of its name, but it’s said it is an eight-core 64-bit processor that is 50% faster, and is based on 14nm process. We know that none of the Qualcomm’s current lineup of processor are the result of such 14nm process, besides the reports that Galaxy S6 won’t feature the popular Snapdragon 810 processor because of overheating issues found under testing by Samsung, we’re confidently inclined that it’s the Exynos 7420 chip of Samsung’s own that we’re talking about here. 50% faster, wow. Cool!

From the tittle-tattle that we’re treated for the past week or so, we know that Samsung was very much keen on supplying most of the Galaxy S6 sets with its Exynos processor, and Samsung’s new factory, a $15 billion investment, is certainly helping here. Yes, it’s a big loss to Qualcomm’s for whom Samsung’s been a great buyer for the past few years, but not much of a worry for the chip-maker as almost all OEMs are lining up for its very Snapdragon 810 chip. Xiaomi Note Pro and LG G Flex 2 are two official phones powered by Snapdragon 810 chipset.

Sadly, there is no mention of my favorite spec in the spec-sheet.. RAM! But expect it to be 3GB.


A 20MP camera will snap up the scenarios and your loved ones for you, quite efficiently thanks to OIS. The front part of Galaxy S6 will house a 5MP camera, which sports an aperture of just f/1.8 — the best we’ve heard of in smartphones — with HDR also available on real-time.

Naturally, we’re inclined to believe that the 20MP shooter at the back houses no less than f/1.8 aperture, and when you combine with OIS, and given the Samsung’s already impressive background with camera, you can’t think of anything else than the best camera experience a smartphone could offer.

With HTC also supposed to slap the 20MP cam on its One M9 handset, we’re in for a nice battle between these two heavyweights, the most traditional ones too, on Android scenario.


Goodbye 16GB, or let’s say 16GB era! Samsung Galaxy S6 specs include internal storage starting with 32GB, with other options being 64GB and 128GB. There is no mention of microSD card slot, so it may very well have gone this time around, as also removable battery privilege — all thanks to use glass and metal body in case of traditional plastic body, which is fine actually. In case you didn’t know, one great feature that was the part of Galaxy S5, that its body was water-resistant, is also gone in case of Galaxy S6, although there will be a Galaxy S6 Active to take care of those who want Galaxy S6 hardware but are unlucky with water and dust.

We’d say, with such options in storage, you might not miss the microSD card too much.


At 2550 mAh battery, the spec-sheet of the Galaxy S6 scores lowest if we are to compare it with other spec-sheets that also rock a Quad HD display — and that starts basically with LG G3 from last year, which was backed up by 3000 mAh battery. The latest device boasting the Quad HD display and an octa-core processor, the Xiaomi Note Pro, features 3090 mAh battery — thus, both of these devices don 20% more battery than what leaked list of Samsung Galaxy S6 specs tells us.

For what it’s worth, btw, this very 2550 mAh battery supports quick charging — we don’t know if it’s VOOC — that will let Galaxy S6 users get 4 hours of usage in just 10mins of charge. Not a disappointing deal, right?

Still, in terms of sheer mAh, it’s puzzling why would Samsung leave something like battery to average-at-best when rest of the spec-sheet is so, so top line, in turn requiring faster power drainage? Well, maybe Samsung is able to optimize its hardware and software darn nice this time around, or a trimmed-down TouchWiz we’ve been hearing about could have that much positive effect on battery life, or Samsung’s new Exynos chip is quite efficient at running the show at minimal power usage. What’s your guess of the three?

Last but not the least, there’s built-in support for Wireless charging. Just what you needed, right?

Other details

Even though the source had gotten hold of the Galaxy S6 pictures, it didn’t disclose it because, apparently, it didn’t have permission to share them. Yes, you could wonder if and why the source was allowed to share the spec-sheet? Is someone at Samsung really confident of Galaxy S6 and wanted the world to know all of it?

The Samsung Galaxy S6, as we thought, will feature a body made of metal and glass, with latter covering the whole of rear, while metal lapping up the sides of the phones.

There’s LTE on board guys, on presumably an Exynos chip, Cat 6 if you care.

Lastly, Samsung Pay launches with the Galaxy S6, letting you pay through payment terminals — it will support almost 90% of current magnetic stripe terminals as well as NFC ones. That’s what leaked as regards software. Although there is no mention of Android OS, take Lollipop for granted, topped with Samsung’s own user interface, that we know by the name of TouchWiz.

That’s it. Do let us know of your thoughts on this! Would love to hear them.

Source: BGR

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