Samsung Galaxy S beats iPhone’s Sales in Japan, Seriously!

Samsung Galaxy S Japan Top selling phone

Guess what who’s topping sales chart of Japan’s smartphones? We won’t fault if you wagered with the iPhone but the fact is that Samsung Galaxy S android phone just replaced the iPhone 4 32 GB, breaking the latter’s 18 week streak.

Before  you freak out, let us tell you that the Galaxy S was launched last week in Japan by the country largest mobile operator NTT Docomo and it was the launch week sales that helped it grab the No 1 spot.

Remember, we told you a thing about android’s phenomenal growth in smartphone market this quarter — 44% to be exact — which caused all other mobile OS to take a dip while only iOS salvaged itself from the android’s wrath by remaining unaltered at 24.3%. And when we see a single android phone outselling (even for a week) the iPhone, we sure get the idea of how fast android’s been progressing in every corner of the world.

Well, we cannot foretell whether Galaxy S or any other android phone could top the chart again this week or later, but it still signifies android potential and impact it’s been making. No?

So, do let us know what you think about SGS topping the sales chart in a tech country like Japan? And which upcoming android phone you think got what it needs to outsell iPhone for more than one week? Maybe, the rumored upcoming Nexus S by Samsung (aka Nexus 2), hmm?

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