Is Ice Cream Sandwich OTA Update for Epic 4G Touch About to Release?

Epic 4G Touch owners have a lot to be excited about. Samsung has already made an official announcement earlier, that the Galaxy S2 would be receiving the official upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but we were’nt exactly sure about how that would pan out for the carrier specific variants. If this bit of information on Sprint’s RDF page (see screeenshot below) is to be believed, the Epic 4G Touch could be the first GS2 variant to receive the official update to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Note that the device model number SPH-D710 indicates the Epic 4G Touch, and given Sprint’s consistent punctuality with rolling out OTA updates, we could very well be looking at an official ICS update soon.While this may not be the final update released to users, at least we can be sure that it’s definitely under heavy development, and should be out once the kinks, if any, are ironed out.

More adventurous are probably already running Ice Cream Sandwich in the form of custom ROMs, but there’s nothing sweeter than the official thing, or a custom ROM based on the official update. While there has been no official word from Sprint on this, it certainly indicates that the carrier is gearing up for the big release. And we could well be looking at a possible leak in the near future. Keep watching this space for more.