Report: Galaxy Note 10, codename Da Vinci, to focus on improving the S Pen

Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 was launched a month ago, but details of its successor, the Galaxy Note 10, are already beginning to emerge.

According to a report by Korea’s The Bell, Samsung has already begun preparations for the Galaxy Note 10. Internally, the device will reportedly be known as Da Vinci, a name that many should be familiar with, especially when it comes to the world of painting. Whether the Note 10 will include some painting “Da Vinci magic” is still unknown to us, but it is alleged the device will focus on improving the performance of the S Pen. What exactly will be improved is, unfortunately, not yet known.

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For years, the S Pen has been the symbol of the Note series. The recent Galaxy Note 9 has one of the most revolutionary versions of the stylus thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth support. It is an improvement from what the Note 8 and Note 7 had and we don’t expect the Note 10 to have a downgraded or even the same version compared to the Note 9.

Speaking of the Note 9, the report further claims the design change of the Note 10 won’t be drastic compared to the Note 9. Apparently, Samsung’s Infinity Display is still expected to be around by then, but it is still unknown what screen size the device will come with. Whether the rest of the design will mimic the current model is still unclear at the moment.

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Given that the Galaxy Note 9 looks just like the Note 8, fans of the Note series won’t be such a happy lot when they hear this news. But of course, with a year between now and the expected launch of the Galaxy Note 10, it is just the beginning of the rumors, so don’t be quick to believe anything just yet.

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