Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 release date set for July 7

Samsung hasn’t given up at all with the Galaxy Note 7 after it literally went up in flames. While the refurbished Galaxy Note 7, also dubbed as Note 7R, has been appearing in the rumor mill for long time now, according to recent report, you can expect the device to launch on July 7.

We’ve been getting varying reports on when the smartphone is expected to release over the past two weeks, but the company may have finally settled down to July 7.

The refurbished Note 7, which now carries the moniker of Galaxy Note FE, will have a smaller battery than before at 3200mAh. The original Note 7 had a 3500mAh battery and rushed production of the device led to faults in the battery going unnoticed, which eventually led to the fall out of the device.

Considering that it is just a 300mAh decrease, battery life shouldn’t be drastically affected. Besides, Samsung is bound to optimize the software to make up for that, at least we hope so. What’s more, Samsung will be including their Bixby assistant with the Note FE.

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We don’t have a firm handle on the pricing, but it should be around the $630 mark based on recent rumors and leaks. In all honesty, the Galaxy Note 7 was an excellent device and would have had great success if not for the problems with the battery. Hopefully, the Note FE should be able to redo some of the damage.

Via: The Investor