Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 aka Note FE could be priced around $630 [Leak]

The Galaxy Note 7 has come back to life, albeit in a refurbished state and has been listed on a Korean website for 699,600 Won or approx. $630. We had previously estimated a cheaper price tag of $300 for the refurbished Note 7 but Samsung isn’t going to give up on the smartphone that easily. With an alleged price tag of $630, the manufacturer may be trying to recover from the loss of a whole division.

The smartphone will have a slight re-branding to Galaxy Note FE, with an R on the back of the device, standing for refurbished. The Note FE will feature a slightly smaller 3200mAh battery. The main reason behind Note 7’s failure was the stuffing of a larger 3500mAh battery without enough room for it inside the device.

After countless apologies to its valued customers, the company will soon disclose a white paper report which details everything that happened with the Galaxy Note 7. Though a lot of people were put off by the exploding battery situation, there were still customers who liked the Note 7. Thankfully, they will get to relive the Note 7 with the upcoming refurbished variant.

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Putting the Note FE aside, the company has already moved on with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. The Note 8 is set to borrow on the current flagship’s design and may also include a dual camera, if the rumors are to be believed. According to another report, the Galaxy Note FE may not release as soon as we expected and could get delayed.