Yet another report confirms dual camera on the Galaxy Note 8

That Samsung will release its upcoming Galaxy Note 8 with dual cameras gets another pat on the back. In fact, the camera modules on board the Note 8 is being developed by Samsung itself, says The Investor.

Citing multiple industry sources, The Investor went on to state that Galaxy Note 8 will be the first device from Samsung to flaunt dual-lens cameras which will be supplied by the Korean company itself. And in all probability, this will increase the cost of the device as the dual-lends module price is almost 1.5-fold more expansive than a single-lens camera.

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The smartphone manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the camera aspect of their smartphones. So much so that the trend of releasing camera-centric phones with either dual selfie sensors or dual rear cameras is fast catching up. Future predictions say that ‘by 2020 three out of 10 smartphones are expected to feature dual cameras’ and the ‘demand will soar to 600 million units’ by then, as per market research firm Techno System Research.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Oppo and Vivo have already mastered the art of selling their smartphones with dual cameras. Huawei and LG too have devices to their names boasting dual cameras. Samsung , which was left out of the scene, too will join the league with the release of Galaxy Note 8. Notably, another upcoming Samsung phone touted to sport dual cameras is Galaxy C10.

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Via: The Investor

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