Samsung to issue a white paper on Galaxy Note 7 fiasco soon

If you have not been living under a rock, you might be aware of the Note 7 issue; how the device caught fire due to the battery issue and Samsung was forced to recall the device.

Now, in a recent development to the fiasco, Samsung plans to publish a white paper based on the issue. The white paper will include every little detail about the Note 7: its research and development, production, parts used, testing, marketing, sale numbers and the reason for the recall.

Further, the white paper project will be led by the researchers and working-level officials at Samsung and Samsung SDI, the firm that manufacturers Samsung battery, which apparently was the reason behind the Note 7 explosions.

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After the Note 7 debacle, Samsung set up a chief risk management team that studied quality and safety issues. Some members of this team will also be a part of the white paper project.

Meanwhile, Samsung is working on a refurbished model of Note 7, which goes by the moniker Galaxy Note FE. The device is expected to release by the end of June. Further, Samsung doesn’t have any plan to stop the Note series and is set to release the successor of the Note7, the Note 8 in August or September.

Source: The investor