LG G6 Plus and 32GB G6 announced, to release in July in Korea

When LG G6 was announced at MWC 2017, people were not happy with just one variant of LG G6 that came with 64GB memory. However, a few days back, we reported that LG is planning to expand the product lineup of LG G6 by introducing two new models – LG G6+ and LG G6 Pro.

Today, LG confirmed the news by officially announcing the two new models of LG G6. As reported, the first model is known as LG G6+, which comes with 128GB memory, however, the second model is not called LG Pro, but LG simply calls it LG G6 32 GB variant.

Both the devices feature the same specifications that were present in the standard LG G6, except internal memory, which as mentioned above has doubled in case of LG G6+ and halved in case of 32GB variant.

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Having said that, we were expecting the new models to feature the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, however, LG has squashed our dreams by not mentioning anything about the processor, which means G6 Plus will be powered by the same Snapdragon 821 processor as Snapdragon 835 is not something that LG would leave out of the announcement. So, yep, the processor must be SD821.

But, on the bright side, LG G6+ now comes with support for wireless charging and LG will offer a B & O play bundle earphone to enjoy the premium sound provided by the Hi-Fi Quad DAC. Well, that is the reason behind the B & O logo on the back of LG G6+.

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Further, LG is introducing new colors for LG G6+ and LG G6 32GB variant. LG G6 32GB variant will be released in three color options of Mystic White, Terra Gold, and Marine Blue.

For LG G6+, LG is applying the lenticular film to the back of the LG G6+, which utilizes the principle of refracting light and gives different shades of the same color. In LG G6+, you get three color options of Optical Astro Black, Optical Terra Gold, and Optical Marine Blue. LG flaunts the new color options by touting it as ‘Optical Astro Black’ makes you feel different depth of black depending on viewing angle. ‘Optical Terra Gold’ emphasizes mystique in gold color and gentle pink, while ‘Optical Marine Blue’ adds coolness to cool blue color.

Besides the two new variants, LG is also introducing three cool new features for its software for LG G6. All the three variants of LG G6 will be benefitted by the software update.

Firstly, the software update will bring motion recognition to the facial recognition feature of LG G6 models, where you don’t need to turn on the screen to detect your face. Your smartphone will detect the motion and recognize your face, even if the screen is turned off.

Secondly, the update will introduce low-power features that minimize the power usage in standby mode. Lastly, the update introduces automatic call recording feature and lens blind alert feature for wide angle photos.

In case you are wondering about the availability, LG will launch the LG G6+ first in the Korean market, followed by its release in other markets, eventually. As previously reported, LG will release the new devices on 27 June in South Korea.

Source: LG