Razer aquires Nextbit, the company behind first cloud based smartphone

Startup company Nextbit grabbed the spotlight last year with the launch of world’s first cloud-based smartphone named Robin. Post that, the company failed to make much headway in its endeavor and got fizzled out in the competition against commercially successful smartphones. It is, however, in the news once again. No, not for the launch of another first of its kind device but for its merger with Razer, the gaming laptop maker.

Razer has acquired Nextbit at an undisclosed amount. It has also stopped selling the Robin smartphone and other accessories through the official channels. But that does not mean the end of warranties for already purchased items.

Nextbit has promised to continue to fulfill warranties for six more months and provide software updates and security patches through February 2018. Not only this, it also declared that it will bring over the entire Nextbit team and continue to operate as an independent division inside Razer.

Outlining its future plans, Nextbit says it will continue “doing exactly what we’ve been doing all along, only bigger and better.” This just makes us wonder if and when we will see the unveiling of next Robin smartphone.

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Nuzhat N

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