PSA: Don’t downgrade Redmi Note 5 Pro and Note 5 from MIUI 10 beta 8.7.5 to any previous ROM

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro were among the first devices to jump onto the new MIUI 10 beta update when it went public a while back. Since then, it has always been possible for users of these devices to switch between different ROMs, including downgrading to an older version just in case they didn’t like something about the newer version.

Well, this stops now. According to Xiaomi, those using MIUI 10 beta 8.7.5 ROM on the Redmi Note 5 or Note 5 Pro will not be allowed to downgrade to an older version. It doesn’t end there, though. Apparently, this anti-rollback mechanism is here to stay and it will affect all future updates (after 8.7.5), where users won’t be allowed to go back to a previous MIUI ROM, be it stable or beta.


Xiaomi says all this is aimed at maintaining “system stability and ensure the security of the device” and for those who forcefully proceed with doing so, their devices will be bricked. In short, for those who are already on MIUI 10 beta 8.7.5, there’s no going back. If you want anything to do with an older ROM, don’t make the mistake of installing MIUI 10 beta 8.7.5 or anything above it, including the recently released MIUI 10 beta 8.7.12.


Whether this affects all possible methods of updating Xiaomi phones (Updater/Recovery/Fastboot) is still unclear, but one fan says they did roll back to an older MIUI 9 v9.5.17 (from MIUI 10 beta 8.7.5) using the Updater app and so far so good.

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