Prices of T-Mobile’s myTouch 4G And HTC G2 Raised To $250, Why?

T-Mobile just recovered from its faux pas when it listed Samsung Galaxy S 4G’s price at $150 before correcting it to $200. And now, T-Mobile just made it official that it’s raising the cost of two its old faithfuls: myTouch and G2, from $200 to $250 with of course a 2 year contract and no mail-in rebate. It comes as a surprise to raise the costs of these Smartphones when the market is already steaming, with AT&T and Verizon coming up with their super-phones like Atrix 4G (Verizon). This price rise could really hamper the competition T-Mobile might surely want to win. Walmart has already listed cell phones real low to attract that ever-so-cautiously spending customer (Samsung Galaxy 4G at $150). However, we have also seen that a few other not-so-expensive devices have also made minor changes in their prices.

We know you hate this news but do express your disappoint in comments to let us know of how bad this decision of T-Mobile is, in your eyes. We know there are many android fanboys at T-Mobile who’ve been there since the G1 and are still there with Nexus One.

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  1. I am up for an upgrade the middle of next month, and was counting the days to get my Mytough 4G… Now I guess I will be staying with my old phone and old plan.

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