Poeltl Archive: How to Play Old Poeltl Games

Since its launch as a public online game on February 26, 2022, Poeltl has become a representative game for NBA enthusiasts to engage in competitive gaming within their niche. Given the pool of players that could be the answer of the day, you could guess just how difficult the actual gameplay is.

For the unversed, Poeltl is a wordle-like challenge that gives a mystery NBA player every 24 hours for the players to solve in just 8 guesses. To play the game, you need to possess deep and accurate knowledge about the Team (current and previous teams), Conference, Division, Position, Age, and Height of as many players as possible, the more the better.

But, if you are new to the scene, you probably missed all the fun of the past games. In this article, we will answer all your questions about Poelt archives and playing older games.

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3 ways to play older Poeltl games

You must have already figured it out but we will spell it out to dispel any misunderstanding — even though it is at the height of popularity, there are no Poeltl archives available yet if you wish to gain access to all the previous Poeltl challenges under one roof. The official game page also doesn’t host any portal into the past. 

Given the condition, you can only turn to manipulate available sources to play Poeltl past. There are 3 ways to do so. Let’s go see how.

Method 1: Using Wayback Machine

Changing system date, although not complicated to perform, could end up feeling onerous when redundantly done if you want to play a number of previous games back to back. You can avoid this drag by turning to the netizen’s favorite Wayback Machine.

Wayback Machine keeps an archive of almost all websites on the Internet and you can click on any interactive date on the website’s archive on Wayback Machine to play an older game.

The catch is that there is no interactive link available for certain dates to wormhole your way to that day’s game. Yes, we know that the sparsely mottled calendar with “blue” interactive dates is not the solution if you want unlimited games. But it is somewhere to start, right?

Method 2: Changing system date on computer

Warning: Changing the date on your device may result in issues with other services or apps.

Before Wordle got its own archive, tampering with system time used to be a popular hack among players to gain access to older Wordle grids. Manually changing the date on your computer to one in the past is a deceptive yet effective way to make your reality appear to be on a past date virtually on the affected computer.

The process of changing the system date is rather simple. For instance, on a Windows computer, you can change the Date through Time & Language configuration options in Settings. 

However, it is important to note that when you set as a date from the past as your “current” system date , it doesn’t predate the Poeltl game itself.

When you visit the game page — poeltl.dunk.town — after changing the date, the challenge given to you will be from the given date (current system date) and not the present day’s challenge. 

On a side note, you might experience some glitches like the absence of the Silhouette hint but the actual gameplay itself is still manageable using the statistics and color cues.

Method 3: Changing system date on phone

Warning: Changing the date on your device may result in issues with other services or apps.

Changing the system date on the phone works exactly the same in principle as changing the date on the computer. It is a way to time travel virtually and avail the loopholes that let you interact with it as if on the given date. All you have to do is change the time in the device Settings.

Here’s a little heads up though, some phones or tabs do not allow browsing if the system detects that the system clock or date is corrupted. Under such circumstances, this method will not be able to go to the game page at all. Again, if you attempt to go with a date before February 26th, 2022 (Poeltl game Day 1), you won’t find any luck, either. 

That’s all, folks! If you have found another solution or have suggestions, share them with us in the comments.