Play Store app gets updated to version 8.7.10 [APK]

Google is rolling out yet another update to the Play Store with version 8.7.10. It’s a minor update to the previous version (8.7.09) of Play Store which rolled out with about a week ago.

Without surprise, the new Play Store update brings nothing new to the table at-least on the visual front. We’re yet to go through the new version’s code to see if there’s anything new in between the lines. But given the small increment in version number, it’s not very hopeful.

The new Play Store app should be rolling out to all Android devices in stages and might take several days/weeks before it reaches your device. However, if you’d like to get the new Play Store installed on your Android device right now, just grab the latest Play Store apk file from the download page linked below.

For help installing the Play Store apk, follow our APK installation guide over here.

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