Pixel Buds real-time translation supports the following languages [List]

One of the most highlighting feature of the recently launched Pixel Buds is real-time language translation. The new Assistant enabled earphones from Google can translate a foreign language for you in real-time by having someone speak into your phone, and you hear the translation right into your ears through Pixel Buds.

This is a game changer feature as it enables you to have a conversation with a foreigner who doesn’t speak your language. The Pixel Buds allow for a two-way conversation, a foreigner speaks into your phone and you hear the translation through Pixel Buds into your ear, and then you reply back (in your language) by holding on the right earbud and the other person will listen the translation (in his/her language) through your phone. Amazing, right?

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The Pixel Buds currently support over 40 languages from all over the world. Check them out in the list below:

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Japanese
  3. Arabic
  4. Khmer
  5. Armenian
  6. Korean
  7. Bengali
  8. Latvian
  9. Catalan
  10. Nepali
  11. Chinese
  12. Norwegian
  13. Croatian
  14. Polish
  15. Czech
  16. Portuguese
  17. Danish
  18. Romanian
  19. Dutch
  20. Russian
  21. English
  22. Serbian
  23. Finnish
  24. Sinhala
  25. French
  26. Slovak
  27. German
  28. Spanish
  29. Greek
  30. Swahili
  31. Hindi
  32. Swedish
  33. Hungarian
  34. Tamil
  35. Icelandic
  36. Thai
  37. Indonesian
  38. Turkish
  39. Italian
  40. Vietnamese
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