Pics Leaked of Samsung Attain – supposedly, the Galaxy S II for AT&T

Oh! whether it’s to your liking or not, it’s looking more like the Galaxy S 2 variant for the AT&T is indeed a physical qwerty slider phone. The latest leaked pics are said to belong to Samsung Attain — the rumored name for AT&T’s S2 — and it shows off its keyboard, front, back and everything in-between quite well. Have a look.

The images tell us about the latest android v2.3.4 installed — which is good and obvious considering we’ve been rocking the Android 2.3.4 KG1 build on our international S II for quite a long time now — and that it’s codename will be SGH-I927, but we’d still prefer a word on official name, you know.

Plus, the qwerty keyboard looks good, although it remains to be seen whether this damages the excitement of the phone or rather interests more users. BTW, it’s said that even with the sliding keyboard attached, this is pretty slim. Of course, no match for without-keyboard global version of S2, which is world’s slimmest phone at just 8.5 mm.

Galaxy S II AT&T

About the keyboard, it’s easy to spot that it features 4 rows with the numbers row made to compromise with the q-w-e-r-t-y row at the top. In case you wanted numbers row to be a separate one — thus a 5 row keyboard — the recently launched Motorola Droid 3 is wooing you too, and it’s got a back that’s beautiful than S2. But, choosing Droid 3 will ask a lot sacrifices from you which we don’t think would be cool, like Super AMOLED Plus display, lighter and slimmer body, beastlier 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos processor which produces the extraordinary scores of 58.544 MFLOPS (Linpack) and 3056 score in Quadrant (see the pics below), etc.

Although the specs are not yet conformed but we guess it’s okay to guess these specs.

Samsung Attain Back

Samsung Attain Quadrant Score

Samsung Attain Linpack


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