PicPush android app – Brings Automatic Uploading of Images and Videos


Sharing is at the very heart of every smart phone today. And when yours is an android phone, it becomes all but inevitable to have an app that offers smooth and hassle-free sharing. Well, we’ve got our sight — and want yours too — on the PicPush android app that lets you upload images and videos effortlessly to your favorite websites.


  • Set up accounts of favorite websites with necessary permissions
  • Automatic uploading of Photos and Videos – no manual clicks needed once you’ve set it up
  • Supports Facebook, Flickr, Shutterfly, Photobucket, Smugmug, Gallery and Picasa
  • Did the developer missed twitter. Well, actually not. Download PicPush Tweeter, a free android app from android market and then go preferences -> plugins to configure it
  • Option for auto detection of new images and videos
  • Delay the upload process – to make sure you really wanna upload the just taken pics
  • Option to enable or disable: upload during call, private uploads, deletion of file after upload
  • Take cares of your battery too. You can specify the minimum level of battery when upload is permissible. If the battery falls below that, uploading will not be done. Or simply allow uploads only when connected to charging or using external power source
  • Oh! there is a spoiler — it’s a TRIAL APP with 30 days of use. Once that is over, you need to purchase license costing $4.99 to unlock it!!! Ahh.. that really hurts!

Download the PicPush for FREE from the android market.

PicPush QR Code

android market link, official page.

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