PicasaTool — Manage Picasa Web Albums On Your Android Phone

PicasaTool is a free app for browsing and uploading to Picasa Web Albums on your Android phone. It lets you manage your Picasa web albums right from your phone providing an easy to use and straightforward interface. If you are a regular user of Picasa’s web albums, this is just the app for you.

Here’s a list of the key features:

  • Offline web album
  • Picasa web album management
  • Photo editor(effects, redeye, contrast, draw…)
  • Your favorite picasa contacts
  • Photo uploader
  • Picasa featured and public photos
  • Multiple Google accounts login

After signing in to your Google account, PicasaTool shows you a list of all your web albums that you have created and uploaded images to. Multiple Google accounts can be signed in to, and the app then shows the albums of the selected account. The app starts at the ‘Explore’ screen, which shows you the photos and images featured on Picasa. All of the featured photos and pictures can be saved, shared, set as a wallpaper and commented on through the app itself. The Explore screen also provides a search box for searching on Picasa, with popular search keywords mentioned below the search bar.

The Albums screen shows you all your albums. Here you can perform various functions such as creating new albums, adding images to existing ones, deleting albums, changing their status to public or private, etc. A very nice feature is the option to make albums offline, which downloads all the images in the selected album to your device so you can access it offline when necessary. You can also share your albums through email, which sends recipients the link to the album that they can use to view them.

Pictures can be edited before being uploaded. You can crop or rotate images, change brightness, contrast or saturation settings, and also add effects like ‘cinematic’ or ‘enhance’ to make the pictures more appealing. Pictures that are uploaded already are marked as uploaded, so you don’t upload them again the next time by accident.

PicasaTool, with its nifty features is a great tool for managing your web albums on Picasa and a must have for those who use Picasa regularly. A pro license key can be bought to remove ads, make unlimited albums offline, increase the number of Google accounts that can be logged on to; it also adds extra editing features. Get it for free from the Android Market by clicking the download button below. Leave your thoughts on the app in the comments.

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