PhotoPills app for Pro Photographers hits Google Play Store

PhotoPills app for Pro Photographers hits Google Play Store

Did you ever pass by a location and thought how beautiful the shot would be if the sun had hidden behind those hills revealing only the diffraction spikes, thereby adding a touch of drama to the image?

Well, if it did occur to you, ever, here’s a good news. An app named PhotoPills has hit the Google Play Store yesterday which allows you to calculate the exact date and time when your imagined scene happens. This way, you can plan your shot beforehand and just get out at the right time to shoot the exact scene you’ve been looking for. That’s so interesting, right?

PhotoPills — currently unreleased — is an app that assists photographers in getting a shot exactly the way they wanted it to be. Irrespective of the genre, i.e., night photography, landscape photography or travel photography, the app claims to assist you in artistic ways to visualize things in a better way.

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The app offers something called 2D Map-Centric Planner to help better visualize celestial bodies and find their alignments quickly. There are various other modes and functionalities as well such as the 3D Augmented Reality mode, Photo Plans Manager, Location Scouting Tool, To-Do lists, and the like.

Users can also share their images from PhotoPills app and stand a chance to win prizes worth up to $6,600 in cash. Currently, the app is available on the Google Play Store for $10 (Rs. 800 in India). If you are interested, find the download link for the app below.

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