Angry Birds Seasons Launched by Rovio. Packs in 25 Christmas Special levels and 45 Halloween levels Too!

Angry Birds Seasons

Rovio just launched a new app, called the Angry Birds Seasons, which packs in 25 new levels dedicated to Christmas and 45 new Halloween levels, which had only seen iOS screens, thus far. What’s so great is the fact that you’re getting total 70 new angry birds levels for Free, not a even a penny you would need to lose.

While the 45 Halloween levels can be unlocked like the original Angry Birds game, meaning that clearing a level unlocks the level next to it.

But same is not the case with 25 Christmas levels. Even when you clear a Christmas level, next level, although unlocked now, will not be available to you for play. If you try to open the next level, you will be greeted by a timer message displaying time remaining for the level to be available for play. Don’t fret over, this is to get you a level a day till Christmas. 25 levels for 25 days of December 2010, till Christmas. Get it? That’s why it’s called the Angry Birds Seasons. We’re loving it and hope you too enjoy it to the max. And I’ already waiting for my second Christmas level to unlock.

There is a hope that Rovio will keep updating the new version, Angry Birds Seasons, for every season as and when it comes by. BTW, Halloween levels are total fun too. They simply had to be.

Angry Birds is an android game that we all love and cheer about. Friends, Family and Blogs, we find it everywhere, loved like only it does. And this is why, Rovio cares so much for its android version. While the company launched the game for FREE as against iPhone version where it’s a paid app, it also added 45 new levels recently besides a promise that a new LITE version of angry birds will be made for low-end devices.

Angry Birds Halloween Edition

Latest version: 1.1.0

Compatibility: All Android Devices

To download Angry Birds Seasons android app, either scan the QR Code below with BarCode Scanner app on your phone or click the link below:

Angry Birds Seasons QR Code

Download Link

Check the Halloween Angry Birds Edition in the Video below:

Source Rovio

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