Nike BOOM android app – Get Motivated for Workouts, Now!

Nike BOOM android application

Motivation or lack of it is the main reason people skip training schedules, gym workouts, etc. We aren’t talking about the sportsmen — who are quite regular and consistent, otherwise they don’t remain such — but about us, the techies and geeks who scoff at the very idea of workout and schedules attached therewith.

But no more, since the Nike BOOM is all you need to inspire yourself for consistency in the Gym with full enthusiasm. Pick your fav sports and set the playlist up an running, the app will play songs that will motivate you taking words from game’s popular athletes and coaches. Seems enough?

But being in the workout doesn’t mean you’re cut socially. Or as far as facebook is concerned. The app will tell your facebook friends that you are in a mid of a workout — and if you’ve any luck to boot, then friends may send some nice props to encourage you even more. But hey, take care to not overdo it.

Download the Nike BOOM for FREE from the android market.

Nike BOOM android download

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