Original Galaxy Note’s Jelly Bean Update brings most of the new features Samsung Galaxy S3 got

A Vietnamese forum Tinhte.vn has reportedly managed to get their hands on the official Android 4.1 or Jelly Bean update for the original Samsung Galaxy Note – N7000. Whether it a genuine update or a cleverly packaged ROM has not been verified yet, but the update has been said to introduce a whole bunch of new features to the original phablet, in addition to considerable performance improvement.

Notable improvements and new features seen with the Android 4.1 update are:

  • Significant performance improvement. The device has become a lot more smoother, almost at par with the Galaxy S3.
  • The overall UI has changed a bit, and seems to be quite like the Touchwiz UX on the Galaxy S3
  • New features like Smart Stay, Direct Call and Smart Alert have been added.
  • Additional S-Pen features

Tinhte have also managed to post quite a few screenshots showcasing the new features found in the note post the Android 4.1 update. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

The Lock Screen Options seem to have been enhanced, like on the Galaxy S3. The ability to pin a sticky note to the lockscreen and write on it is cool.

The image Gallery has been redesigned and is now faster and fancier.

Revamped Notification Bar, and Smart Stay feature

Pop up Play and Pop up Browser, a la Galaxy S3

The information posted, as you can see, is far too detailed for it to just be a prank. Last we heard was that the file has not been available yet for download. In any case, if this is indeed what the Android 4.1 bump up is going to do the the original Galaxy Note, it is encouraging to see that Samsung has not forgotten its older heroes, amidst the upcoming launch of newer ones.


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