Oppo F5 Android 8.0 Oreo update may not be in the plans, it seems

In any discussion about software updates, the name Oppo rarely pops up on the positive side of things, but recently, the company surprised many by announcing that owners of the Oppo R15 Pro can already join the ongoing Android P beta program.

This is definitely some good news and an indicator that the Chinese vendor is [perhaps] moving in the right direction with regards to software updates. However, given that these are just baby steps, there’s still a lot to be desired for.

For instance, fans of the popular Oppo F5 now want to know the fate of the selfie expert as far as Android 8.0 Oreo is concerned. And according to Oppo India (via the official Customer care Twitter account), there’s no official information with respect to the status of F5 Oreo update.

In response to a tweet inquiring about when the Oppo F5 will receive Android Oreo, the company said that:

…as of now we have no official information available regarding the Oreo update for OPPO F5. You’ll be notified if there is an update. Kindly stay tuned with us.

This can easily mean anything from no Oreo update at all to an extremely long wait for the update to arrive. Honestly, we prefer the latter and we bet many would, but for now, only Oppo knows what is in store.

Oppo F5 comes preinstalled with Android 7.1.1 Nougat and given its price range, it’s one of those phones that should receive at least one major OS upgrade. However, we’ve come to learn that MediaTek chipsets can be a stumbling block when it comes to software updates, and the Oppo F5 has one – the Helio P23. Hopefully, this won’t be a problem for Oppo.

Oppo F5 Android P update

It’s sad that we are still talking about chances of a device getting Android Oreo yet the software’s successor, Android P, is already available. Given the half-chance of an Oppo F5 Oreo update, it’s highly unlikely that the phone will receive Android P.

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In fact, based on what we mentioned earlier, the Oppo F5 is only entitled to one major OS upgrade, which is Android Oreo. In short, there won’t be Android P for your selfie expert. Sorry mate!

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