Opera Max Update: Version 3.0 brings new UI and smart assistant

Update [May 05, 2017]: The data manager tool from Opera, Opera Max, has received a new update that completely transforms the UI of the app. The update, which goes by the version number of 3.0.30 from its previous 2.8.56 makes it easy to view data usage by different apps. Now, in addition to having “Save mobile data” and “Save Wi-Fi data”, “Privacy mode” and “Manage Apps” under navigation drawer, you get a tab bar at the bottom, which holds these options.

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Further, the app offers personalized data saving recommendations and new tips to maximize data savings. This feature is known as “Smart assistant”. Moreover, the app introduces special data savings for Facebook in the form of its own built-in Facebook web app. With “Savings for Facebook app” you get the benefits of a VPN connection besides saving data on Facebook.

The Opera Max data manager app not only tracks your apps’ data usage but also provides advice on how to reduce data usage. Opera Max compresses the content of each app and encrypts it through Opera Max’s servers before it reaches your Android device.

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