Opera Max Data Manager is a great data saver app you should install now!

Opera has been our choice of the browser since the days of Symbian, when Nokia used to own more than 50% market share of phones, and their bookmark sync feature one of the best in the game. With Opera Max – Data manager app, you can even use Opera’s hand to save data consumption by other apps, with coolest monitoring features the app makes available in a nicely laid UI.

You’ll be able to save and manage data within apps or even while streaming audio and video too. Right from its early days, opera has catered to the needs of those users who didn’t have the luxury of large data caps thereby enabling them to cut down and save on their data usage.

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Though similar type of functionality is already built into Android 7.0 Nougat and previous iterations of the OS, Opera seems to want to level it up by allowing you greater customization through options.

But as is the case with Nougat, it’s not available for everyone, and will take some time for sure. So, do check out Opera’s app if you are low on data, to get the best out of it.

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That being said, Opera’s approach to data management may be altogether different and may provide better results to the user in the end.

Download Opera Max – Data manager

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Thanks for the tip, Adam!